Kim Sandher

Kim Sandher, the daughter of Indian immigrants, grew up on a mushroom farm in beautiful British Columbia, Canada – where she was born and raised. She vividly remembers her father going to court after getting cheated by another farmer when she was 10. He won the case, but never saw a penny of the judgment. He told Kim he wished he’d had a lawyer.

Kim studied political science and economics at the University of British Columbia, and got her law degree from Seattle University School of Law. After externing at the Seattle Mayor’s office in 2009, Kim volunteered with the Home Foreclosure Legal Aid Project, fighting to help families keep their homes. As an experienced bankruptcy attorney, Kim has represented clients in over 300 Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. She remains passionate about getting her clients debt relief and a chance to start over.

Kim is actively involved in both state and national bar associations, currently serving in leadership rolls for the King County Bar Association Bankruptcy Section, and the American Bar Association’s Young Lawyer Division. Recently, Kim has been selected for a two year fellowship with the Real Property section of the American Bar Association. In addition to bankruptcy and real estate law, Kim excels at family law cases involving complex financial matters. When she’s not helping clients, Kim volunteers in the community and enjoys the outdoors.