How To File Bankruptcy.

If you’ve ended up on this site, chances are you or someone you care about has more debt than they can handle. Most likely, your debt blew out of control because of something beyond your control – like a medical problem, job loss, divorce, or the most common – a bad economy. You might be feeling overwhelmed by your financial situation and unsure about the next steps. Maybe a close relative, friend, financial adviser, or even a lawyer suggested that bankruptcy is the best thing in the world for you. Maybe someone else suggested the complete opposite – that bankruptcy is a huge mistake and you shouldn’t do it because it will ruin your life forever.

We are here to help. We answer questions like:

• How bankruptcy will affect your credit?
• How bankruptcy will affect your personal life?
• What will happen to your home?
• What will happen to your car?
• What will happen to your essential property?
• Which debts will not be wiped out?
• Whether you can represent yourself without a lawyer?

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