Meathead Movers, in California, has long provided free moving services to people involved in domestic violence situations. Partnered with dv shelters since 2000, they have recently began a movement challenging other local businesses to provide what services they can to help. From haircuts to clothing and security, their goal is to find 100 stories of businesses helping through the  #MoveToEndDV tag.


Meatheads in name only, we applaud their selflessness and altruism and challenge other small businesses to do the same.


The full story can be found HERE at Good News Network.

School District Blames Girl for Rape by Teacher

In California, the Los Angeles Unified School District has blamed a 14-year-old girl after she was molested by her 8th grade teacher.

After discovering that math teacher Elkis Hermida had a sexual relationship with his student, he was sent to prison for his crime.

During the civil trial, the LAUSD asked to have the student’s sexual history made part of  the record, claiming she was sexually sophisticated and could then consent to sex. They also said she  was partially responsible, and that she was more mature due to prior relationships.

An appeal court ruled in favor of the student, and lambasted the school district for, among other things, “ maintain[ing] that a minor student who is the victim of sexual abuse by a teacher bears responsibility for preventing that abuse.”

A 14-year-old child is neither mentally nor legally able to consent to a sexual relationship with an adult, apropos of nothing. It is frightening that a school district, who is supposed to be protecting the children in its jurisdiction, would ever think otherwise.

The full story is available here  at The Atlantic.

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day



There are many resources for someone going through a divorce, be it family and friends, support groups, books both fiction and non. Now add an app to that list.

Touted as being a kinder, gentler support, it uses poetry, practical tips, humor and encouragement to bring some positivity into the process of separation.

Divorce Coping Tip of the Day4.5/5 Google Play, Android devices