Meathead Movers, in California, has long provided free moving services to people involved in domestic violence situations. Partnered with dv shelters since 2000, they have recently began a movement challenging other local businesses to provide what services they can to help. From haircuts to clothing and security, their goal is to find 100 stories of businesses helping through the  #MoveToEndDV tag.


Meatheads in name only, we applaud their selflessness and altruism and challenge other small businesses to do the same.


The full story can be found HERE at Good News Network.

Facebook app in front of Facebook

Facebook has published a quick video on how to block someone from seeing your posts, comments, and even pictures tagged with you in them. As they state, sometimes you just need some space. Plus, it’s usually always a wise idea when in the midst of litigation to block the opposing party or anyone who might feed them information on your activities.